Don’t Miss the Lafayette Reservoir Run – October 26th 2014

Lafayette Reservoir Run

Learn More about One of the Best Places to Run In the East Bay

By Pleasant Hill Times

If you’re a runner you’ve probably been on every major run in the East Bay and one of the best runs which all East Bay Runners should experience is the Lafayette Reservoir Run on October 26th, 2014.

A Family Affair

Unlike other runs in the East Bay, the Lafayette Reservoir Run has been described as a “family affair” and that’s because this run typically has participants which include grandparents, parents and kids plus hundreds of the most dedicated runners across the East Bay.

Register Early

You can register for the Lafayette Reservoir run by visiting their website here or arriving at the reservoir by 6:30 am on the day of the run to register.


The 2014 Lafayette Reservoir Run course will start at Mt. Diablo Blvd. between First St. & Moraga Rd then go west to El Nido Ranch Road, around the Lafayette Reservoir and back to Moraga Road.

Something for Everyone

There’s going to be at least 2,500 participants from across California for this year’s Lafayette Reservoir run but the cool thing is that the average runner will be competing in a variety of races including 2 mile, 10K and 5K races so there’s going to be plenty of opportunities for every runner.

Race Descriptions:

5k Certified Race – flat, “chip” timed course, runners only (NO Dogs or Baby Strollers).

10k Certified Race – hilly, “chip” timed course around the reservoir, Dogs on Leash & Baby Strollers OK.

2 Miles Run/Walk for Fun – No Timing – Fun Run ONLY, Dogs on Leash & Baby Strollers OK

Financial Beneficiaries

What’s also cool to mention about the 2014 Lafayette Reservoir Run is that the beneficiaries are local schools and also chamber programs.

Do you plan on running in the 2014 Lafayette Reservoir Run? Feel free to leave us a comment below.

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California Drought 2014 – What Industries Have Closed or Downsized?

California Drought 2014

By Pleasant Hill Times

There’s no denying that the drought in California has been bad for business but the big question which many people have is just how bad has the California Drought been on business during 2014?

Organic Dairies

One of the first casualties of the California Drought has been the organic dairy farm because, a typical organic dairy farm allows their cows to pasture graze and if the farm can’t afford to grow green pasture for their cows to graze they will be unable to produce the product which their customers know and love.

Many organic dairy farms in the San Joaquin Valley have gone out of business during the last 12 months, including the Double T. Ranch, and with fewer organic dairy farms in California residents will be forced to buy non organic dairy products.

Golf Courses

When you think of a golf course thoughts of rolling greens and lush fairways will come to mind but thanks to the California Drought golf course owners have been forced to scale back on their landscaping staffs.

Because of the drought in California there’s been less turf to mow and maintain on golf courses in recent years since more golf courses have changed their landscaping to drought tolerant plants and with the increased use of computer controlled irrigation systems, wasting water has become a thing of the past.


There’s been many famous breweries which have called California home over the years but they may ultimately end up relocating out of the state or shutting down for good since the average brewery uses an average of 2.5 gallons of water to make just one gallon of beer.


In California one staple of agriculture has always been rice but thanks to the California drought the average rice acreage planted is down by close to 200,000 acres this year.

Less rice will affect many businesses across California including Yokoso Sushi and Nama Sushi in Pleasant Hill where every roll of sushi is rolled with California rice and with less rice available sushi restaurants and tens of thousands of other eating establishments will have to import their rice from other states.

What are your thoughts on California Drought 2014? Feel free to leave us a comment below.

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Pleasant Hill News- Councilman Michael Harris Planning another Downtown Smoking Ban

no smoking downtown pleasant hill


City Councilman Revisits Proposal after Previous Attempt to ban Smoking Downtown Failed

By Pleasant Hill Times

Pleasant Hill Councilman Michael Harris made the news again this week when he announced that he’s going to attempt once again to get smoking banned in Downtown Pleasant Hill.

Not Giving Up

Although his attempt to ban smoking in public places failed last year the Councilman is not giving up on his idea because he feels confident that this is an important for the city to take on and it’s in the public’s best interest to ban smoking downtown.

Fighting Against Second Hand Smoke

One of the biggest reasons why City Councilman Michael Harris is fighting to get smoking banned in Downtown Pleasant Hill is because of the threat that second hand smoke poses to everyone especially children.

Many health experts have agreed that besides the obvious health problems associated with smoking, second hand smoke or sidesteam smoke has even more cancer-causing carcinogens than if you were to smoke the cigarette yourself because second hand smoke can make its way into your lungs and cells easier.

Why Did Proposal Fail Last Year?

Banning smoking in public place in Downtown Pleasant Hill would seem like a “no-brainer” but his proposal didn’t pass last year mainly because Harris as in the middle of the battle over regulating gun sales in Pleasant Hill.

Now that the gun battle in Pleasant Hill is seemingly over it looks like Councilman Harris and also Councilman Carlson will be able to finally come together to deal with this issue and do what’s right for Pleasant Hill residents.

What are your thoughts on banning smoking in Downtown Pleasant Hill? Feel free to leave us a comment below!

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East Bay Home For Sale – 774 Condor Dr. Martinez, CA 94553

Don’t miss open house Saturday 9/27 and Sunday 9/28 from 1:00 pm to 4:00pm

Located at 774 Condor Drive, Martinez, CA 94553, this East Bay home for sale features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,670 square feet, 2 car garage and is currently listed at $599,000.

Unlike other ranch style homes in the area this home features many upgrades including an updated kitchen with granite counter top, lots of cabinet space, tile floor, white cabinets, recessed lights, breakfast bar and so much more!

Lovingly Maintained

Besides just having an updated kitchen this East Bay Home For Sale also features a formal dinning room, living area with fireplace, large master bedroom with walk in closet and updated bathrooms too.

Built in 1979, this ranch home features lots of space for any family and at $599,000 it’s a great find since other others in the same neighborhood have sold for up to $650,000 in the last year.

Spacious Yard

Outside 774 Condor Drive you will find a nice sized swimming pool, side yard and plenty of deck space but what’s best of all is that this East Bay Home also backs to an open space so you won’t have to worry about having neighbors living behind you.

To view this beautiful East Bay home come to the open house this Saturday 9/27 or Sunday 9/28 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

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East Bay Rainfall – Get Ready for Rain Storms!

Rainfall Pleasant Hill CA


Rain Is Expected In the East Bay on Wednesday and Thursday


By Pleasant Hill Times


The National Weather Service shocked everyone this yesterday when they announced that we can expect to see some rainfall in the East Bay this afternoon and also on Thursday as well.


Although much of the rainfall is expected to hit the East Bay between the late evening and morning hours residents of the East Bay can expect to see up to one inch of rainfall in the area.


East Bay Roads Will Be Slick


We haven’t seen any real rainfall in Pleasant Hill and across the East Bay since early April so one thing is for certain, the roads will be slick.


If you have to be out driving this afternoon or on Thursday make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.


It’s also important to remember when driving on slick roads you should also give yourself more time to stop just so you avoid the possibility of collision.


Get Your Vehicle Ready For Rain


This rainstorm is a good opportunity for East Bay residents to get their vehicles ready for the rainy season by purchasing new windshield wipers for their vehicles, checking tires to make sure they are properly inflated, plus checking brakes to make sure they are still in good shape.


Use Caution in Local Creeks and Streams


If you plan on spending time on the water over the next day or so use caution because of potential hazardous runoff since we haven’t seen this much rain in the East Bay in a long time.


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Pleasant Hill Farmers Market – Grab Your Fall Produce before Market Closes In November!


pleasant hill farmers market 2014

Open Every Saturday From 9:00 am to 1:00 pm the Pleasant Hill Farmers Market offers fresh produce and more!

PLEASANT HILL – When was the last time you purchases locally grown fresh produce for your family?

If the answer is never, you should check out the Pleasant Hill Farmers Market because, it’s still open every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm until November 15th 2014 when it will be closing for the season.

Fall Colors

Besides fall finally bringing cooler weather to Pleasant Hill you can expect great fall produce like squashes and pumpkins but there is still plenty of summer produce available including:

• Corn
• Grapes
• Apples
• Tomatoes
• Peaches

Besides traditional late summer and fall favorites available at the Pleasant Hill farmers market you will also be able to find some new fruits and vegetables including parsnips, kabocha squash, artichokes and a wide variety of other root vegetables which you can use in stews, soups and side dishes.

How to Get To the Pleasant Hill Farmers Market

The Pleasant Hill Farmers Market is located at Gregory Lane and Trelany Road. If you come to the farmers market be sure to get there early because it’s a popular Saturday attraction in Pleasant Hill and the streets fill up with cars early.

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Pleasant Hill Business Directory – Get To Know These New Businesses

Pleasant Hill Business

By Pleasant Hill Times

One of the most important things to do in Pleasant Hill during 2014 is to shop local because, you keep your tax dollars at work right here in town.

Shopping local helps everyone from the business owner on down to the City itself because new tax revenue is also used to make improvements which help to make Pleasant Hill better for everyone.

In today’s post we will list the newest businesses which call Pleasant Hill home so you know where are the best places to spend your money when you plan on shopping local.

All Good Cars, LLC 

3333 Vincent Rd., #200


Artisan Antiques

(Antiques & Collectibles)

607 Gregory Lane, #150



3451 Vincent Rd., Suite C


Express Hair Salon

508 Contra Costa Blvd. K-1


Homegoods, Inc.

(Retail Sales-Home Furnishings)

552 Contra Costa Blvd.


Kristine Petterson-Rosenbusch


Family Therapist)

1519 Contra Costa Blvd.


Newmax Auto Sales

3333 Vincent Rd., Ste. 214



2380-B Monument Blvd.

Fresh Maintenance

Janitorial Service

2491 Estand Way



3478 Buskirk Avenue, Ste. 1000


Positron Collectibles 



508 Contra Costa Blvd.


Spa Works 

100 Boyd Road, #239


Sun Valley Chevron

698 Contra Costa Blvd.


Elite Telecommunications Service


Precious Pups


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